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Welcome to the №1 Samsung Sim Unlocking Service worldwide! We are professional team and even the actual Samsung employees seek our services to unlock their Samsung phones. We are capable of offering sim unlocking services to all Samsung phones (including newest models) from all mobile carriers worldwide.

We guarantee you that we will do the job fast enough, right and at a cheaper unbeatable rate. Besides unlocking your Samsung, we also offer premium customer support service. Our professional services can be backed up by the positive feedbacks from the more than 400,000 satisfied customers in 103 countries around the world.


We cannot hide the fact that some phones cannot be unlocked due to technical hitches. In fact, in fewer than 1% cases, we are barred from unlocking specific phones. Should this be the case with your phone, we assure you of 100% refund without asking any questions.


We tirelessly work day and night to ensure we provide the best service and pledge complete customer satisfaction


Here are some recent reviews we have received from our customers:

"Unlock service worked perfectly from the first time. Support team were responsive and answered all of my questions. Order was processed quickly and I received a code for my Samsung S5 in a 25 minutes along with easy to use instructions. Great service, great price. Much cheaper than using my carrier. Will definitely use the service again. " Anna F, USA

"I happened to find myself in need of 2 phones to be unlocked and I looked for a service that would do it for a decent price. The shop in my town wanted 50 dollars so I was quite happy to find out is was going to be much less. I had 1 older Samsung and 1 new Samsung S8. Both phones were unlocked successfully. This service has great support team and I had no problems with the process. I highly recommend them. Thanks. " Sam, USA

"I had a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with AT&T and for some reason AT&T weren't able to unlock it. So i started looking online and found this service and other similar companies as well. I chose this service because of the more affordable price and better reviews. The service was prompt and courteous; always following up right away and making sure my unlock code worked. I have already recommended this service to my friends and family. I definitely will use this service again in the future." Ollie G, UK

"I had a phone that I had tried to have unlocked by 3 different entities that were all unsuccessful in their endeavour and this was after I was assured that the Galaxy s3 was indeed a phone they had experience in unlocking. The catch...it was locked to T-Mobile and this is what caused them grief.(me as well) These were vendors that worked with these issues day in and day out but yet had no success with my phone. I had almost given up on the phone altogether until I was leaving the last store to fail me in unlocking the device. I was approached by a customer that was in the store at the same time I was being told that they could not do anything with my device after they had it all day, in which this customer overheard the exchange and told me to try the Samsung sim unlock website where she had visited after her son had bricked her phone by rooting incorrectly. Sceptical but curious, I've visited the site and provided my IMEI to the online chat manager to see if they had a code available, they said yes. I have paid the amount and received a code in 35 minutes. The instructions were tailored to my phone and I had my phone unlocked myself in under 3 minutes from start to finish that included restarting my phone. I was truly impressed. The level of service is great and they are very keen on customer service from order placement to follow up correspondence to be certain that you got what you came looking for."Luisa, USA

"After paying online for unlocking services for my new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at two other websites, only this service through with the code and instructions that worked. Of the other two companies, one would not give me a refund, and the other only did so after much emailing back and forth. Samsung sim unlock sent me a workable code and detailed instructions after just 10 minutes. Very happy with their service.... will definitely use them again for my next new smartphone !" Sam Bradley, CA

"They unlocked my Samsung SGH-A157 correctly the first time. Only took a few hours until they sent unlock code. If you follow their directions, you can easily unlock cell phone THE FIRST TIME! Price was very reasonable, so now am able to use a cheap AT&T "Go" phone (pay as you go) on my T-mobile contract with no problems " Rachel A, USA

"Everything worked out as advertised on their website with my Samsung S5 phone. The owner of the company seems serious about the customer feedback which shows a desire to provide a quality service. Their prices are reasonable in the market. I would deal with them again. Thanks" Emma, Australia

"I bought my daughter a AT&T Samsung J7 phone as her old one had a broken volume control - probably due to being dropped. Anyways, I ordered the unlock online, paid using my credit card. Waited for 20 minutes or so and then I received the unlock code. I followed the instructions putting in a sim from a MetroPCS network. The phone asked for an unlock code and I keyed in the 8 numbers e-mailed to me. The phone paused for 10-20 seconds and came back with Unlock Successful. I noticed that the signal bars were active, so I called home and it worked. Very easy process. Worked no hassle. If I had any complaint it would be the price I paid seemed a bit much when other phones can be unlocked for substantially less. Overall it worked like a charm and I am happy to recommend this service" Sammie G, USA

"After submitting my IMEI number, had a reply within minutes saying they were working on it. I then realised I submitted an incorrect number. I re-submitted it again. Even after my errors got the unlock code as promised and it worked great. Orange wanted £20+ for the same service. This service were half that price even taking account of my errors. Well done. Great customer support. Recommended 100%." Mortie, UK

"I've recently had to change my cell company because of cost. With that in mind, we decided our best option was to use our current phones. The catch was getting the devices unlocked for use. The AT&T company wouldn't give us the codes based on the need to pay our early term fees. So I found this service. The first time we used them was to set up my and my husband's phones. For less than each I had the codes and phones were in use within just minutes. When it was time to get the kids their phones (nearly a month later) I quickly returned to this website. I had the codes I'd requested in no more than 10 minutes after clearing the information with the customer service person who contacted me. I hope I don't have to go through unlocking devices again, but I will use this service again. I recommend this site for anybody needing to unlock their device(s)." Michael, USA

"I got a new Samsung S8 through my service provider (Telus) which they would not unlock for 90 days, making my phone a brick when I went on my trip. Contacted this service and had my phone unlocked in under 30 minutes! The code came in just few minutes and I just put my Thai SIM in and voila, my phone was unlocked and are now using in Thailand no no issues at all. Very happy!" Carmen, Canada

"Needed to unlock a Samsung A9 Pro and it was quick and painless. The unlock code arrived quickly, and the directions were easy to follow. I may need to unlock my wife's phone in the near future for an international sim card, and I would certainly use this service again. " Hanna, Mexico

Arnold B. USA
Thank you so much for unlocking my Samsung S8 AT&T. Great service.
Franco O. UK
Instant delivery, great price and amazing customer support. I will use it again in future.
Sarah F. Canada
My Samsung Note 5 was successfully unlocked in 30 minutes. Great communication. Thanks!
Jess C. Australia
Secure order form, smooth transaction, fast delivery. Worked well. Ty
Jean Y. France
Great service with a professional support team. Highly recommended!
Sanchez W. Mexico
It took 10 mins to get the unlock code for my Samsung S4. Worked on the first try