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    Even Samsung employees use our service to unlock their phones
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    We can unlock any Samsung phone manufactured from 2007 to 2019
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    We offer the lowest price for official Samsung Sim Unlock codes
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    We guarantee 100% money back for non working codes


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Welcome to the №1 Samsung Sim Unlocking Service worldwide! We are professional team and even the actual Samsung employees seek our services to unlock their Samsung phones. We are capable of offering sim unlocking services to all Samsung phones (including newest models) from all mobile carriers worldwide.

We guarantee you that we will do the job fast enough, right and at a cheaper unbeatable rate. Besides unlocking your Samsung, we also offer premium customer support service. Our professional services can be backed up by the positive feedbacks from the more than 400,000 satisfied customers in 103 countries around the world.


We cannot hide the fact that some phones cannot be unlocked due to technical hitches. In fact, in fewer than 1% cases, we are barred from unlocking specific phones. Should this be the case with your phone, we assure you of 100% refund without asking any questions.


We tirelessly work day and night to ensure we provide the best service and pledge complete customer satisfaction

  • What is a SIM unlock?
  • Why should I unlock my phone?
  • Can I unlock the phone myself?
  • How do I unlock my phone?
  • Is this unlock method safe?
  • Is this unlock method legal?
  • Are your services guaranteed?
  • What is the IMEI number?

  • What is a SIM unlock?
    A locked phone is one that functions only with the original carrier that sold it. Unlocking your sim unlocking enables, you switch carriers while still using that very phone.
    Why should I unlock my phone?
    Since it allows you to use any carrier’s sim card, enabling you to evade roaming charges when you travel and at the same time leads to appreciation on the phones resale price
    Can I unlock the phone myself?
    Unfortunately not. The unique 8-digit code that unlocks the handset needs to be generated for your phone, and there is where we come in handy in less than a 15 minutes.
    How do I unlock my phone?
    You will need your Samsung phone's model name with the carrier name the phone is locked to. Besides that, you will also need the IMEI number. Once all these are available, all you will need to do is tap the 'Order Now' button, fill the blanks on the secure order page and submit your order.
    Is this unlock method safe?
    Yes, secure, legal and does not harm your phone in any way.
    Is this unlock method legal?
    Yes, handset unlocking is lawful globally.

    Are your services guaranteed?
    Yes. We want you to be satisfied completely. This is why we are always willing and ready to offer you a 100% money back guarantee in case the code fails to work.

    What is the IMEI (MEID) number?
    Each handset has a distinctive 14 or 15-digit number known as the IMEI (MEID) number. It is found underneath the phone's battery or by keying in *#06# on the dial-pad. It can also be found in Settings -> 'About phone' in the phone’s menu.
    Arnold B. USA
    Thank you so much for unlocking my Samsung S8 AT&T. Great service.
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    Instant delivery, great price and amazing customer support. I will use it again in future.
    Sarah F. Canada
    My Samsung Note 5 was successfully unlocked in 30 minutes. Great communication. Thanks!
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    Secure order form, smooth transaction, fast delivery. Worked well. Ty
    Jean Y. France
    Great service with a professional support team. Highly recommended!
    Sanchez W. Mexico
    It took 10 mins to get the unlock code for my Samsung S4. Worked on the first try